The Stance Analyser is a revolutionary product that accurately measures standing lameness and assesses treatment effectiveness. Data is collected and reported in real-time to support an on going lameness treatment protocol.

The Stance Analyser is a great tool that quickly and objectively diagnoses lameness in dogs of any shape and size.  As the pet stands anywhere within each quadrant, the Stance Analyser assesses the weight distribution of each leg, helping to pinpoint the source of any problem. The Stance Analyser can detect unequal weight distribution and aid in the diagnosis of a variety of complex issues such as early onset arthritis, partial cruciate tears, hip dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease and other issues as well.

Our Stance Analyser offers our trained therapists the objectivity to quickly evaluate the way a patient is standing and shifting weight to identify if there is a lameness issue and where to look for it.  We can keep ahead of lameness with early detection as a standard part of your wellness programs giving our clients peace of mind and confidence that we are monitoring your dogs needs.

Identifying lameness before a pet begins to show signs is essential to prescribe pro-active, conservative treatment plans that we administer here. Objective measurements track the history of a patient’s stance and alert you to abnormalities.  When a change is detected we use this data to support our recommendations for additional diagnostics, supplements, referral back to your vet, or to consider other treatment options.

Objective measurements of lameness are also important to track during a prescribed treatment plan.  We monitor the status of the patient’s stance during each re-check to ensure that your treatment plan success is supported by data.  If progress plateaus, we use these data points to show you as the client why changes need to be made to our treatment plan.

Clinical Benefits

  • Monitor improvement and track patient progress over time

  • Quick, easy non-invasive diagnosis

  • Validates treatments to pet owners

  • Eliminates subjective interpretation

  • Assess treatment protocol for effectiveness